Who we are

Gražina Buckiūnienė and Partners Ltd. auditors are highly experienced in auditing industrial, commercial and other type of enterprises. Auditors' assistants have a university degree in accounting and finance and a broad professional knowledge of financial and tax accounting. The employees of our company participate in diverse courses and seminars of professional development on a regular basis and take part in EU projects. Gražina Buckiūnienė and Partners Ltd. is a member of the Lithuanian Agricultural Association. 


Our clients are companies of Lithuanian and international capital and diverse business activities: production, trade, services, agriculture, construction etc. Our customers by their production volume and the number of employees range from large to medium-sized and small companies. We have extensive experience in auditing companies specializing in agriculture, dairy and fur business.


The key goal of  Gražina Buckiūnienė and Partners Ltd. is to provide professional and competent auditing, accounting, tax and business consulting services, ensuring the confidentiality of information provided by the client. Within our purview we aim to contribute to the operational efficiency’s increase and the cost optimization of the client company.